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Table 4 Small RNA-Seq analysis of sera of Malaysian cases

From: Methods and matrices: approaches to identifying miRNAs for Nasopharyngeal carcinoma

miRNA MiRDeep (logFC) Family
hsa-let-7f-1 −1.75 let-7/98/4458/4500
hsa-let-7f-2 −1.80 let-7/98/4458/4500
hsa-miR-10a −2.71 miR-10abc/10a-5p
hsa-miR-10b −3.04 miR-10abc/10a-5p
hsa-miR-126-5p −2.43 miR-126-5p
hsa-miR-148a-3p −1.42 miR-148ab-3p/152
hsa-miR-151a-3p −2.37 miR-151-5p/151b
hsa-miR-182-5p −2.20 miR-182
hsa-miR-21-5p −0.99 miR-21
hsa-miR-26a-1 −2.22 miR-26ab/1297/4465
hsa-miR-26a-2 −2.23 miR-26ab/1297/4465
hsa-miR-27b-3p −2.06 miR-27abc/27a-3p
hsa-miR-584-5p −1.93 miR-584
miRNA MiRDeep (logFC) Family
hsa-let-7b 1.80 let-7/98/4458/4500
hsa-miR-106b-3p 2.87 miR-17/17-5p/20ab/20b-5p/93/106ab/427/518a-3p/519d
hsa-miR-451a 3.33 miR-451
hsa-miR-484 2.17 miR-344a-5p/484/3155/3155b
hsa-miR-486-5p 3.06 miR-486-5p/3107
hsa-miR-92a-1 1.91 miR-25/32/92abc/363/363-3p/36
hsa-miR-92a-2 1.88 miR-25/32/92abc/363/363-3p/36
  1. Serum pools generated from individual samples used in qPCR analysis from were also subjected to small RNA-Seq. Table 4 shows the dysregulated miRNAs determined by the next generation sequencing.