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Figure 4

From: Methods and matrices: approaches to identifying miRNAs for Nasopharyngeal carcinoma

Figure 4

Comparison of RNA-Seq and microarray in the analysis of FFPE NPC tissue. A) The correlation of Fold Change (FC) values calculated by RNA-Seq and microarray analysis on FFPE NPC and control tissue are shown. The left panel includes miRNAs detected using both methods. The other panels show miRNAs identified as significantly dysregulated using both methods. Significantly dysregulated in only RNA-Seq (Sign. Illumina) and those identified using only microarray analysis (Sign. Microarray) are also shown. Pearson coefficient for each analysis is shown (PC). B) Comparison of FC values determined using qPCR and microarray analysis (first panel; Microarray) and qPCR and RNA-Seq (second panel; Illumina). Best simple linear regression line is shown (solid line) and the R2, y-intercept and slope from are denoted on each graph; Y = X is shown as a dotted line. Only miRNA’s included on the custom qPCR chip on the basis of their dysregulation in FFPE tissue using microarray analysis and/or RNA-Seq are shown.

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