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Figure 4

From: Targeted DNA vaccines eliciting crossreactive anti-idiotypic antibody responses against human B cell malignancies in mice

Figure 4

Construction of mouse B lymphoma cells that express surface chimeric BCR with stereotyped V regions of patients with HCV-associated NHL. (A) Detection of δ-chains expressing IGHV1-69 on A20 cells transfected with IGHV1-69 and IGKV3-20 (top right), IGVH1-69only (bottom right), IGKV3-20only (bottom left) and untransfected control (top left). IgD staining is shown. Endogenous IgG2aκ is not shown. (B) Expression of human IGKV3-20 was verified by RT-PCR. IGHV1-69 and IGKV3-20 amplification: lane 1: parental A20; lane 2: A20 IGHV1-69; lane 3:, A20 IGHV1-69/IGKV3-20, lane 4: A20 IGKV3-20; lane 5:,IGHV1-69 or IGKV3-20 encoding plasmid; lane 6: no template DNA. 100 bp DNA ladder was used.

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