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Figure 3

From: Targeted DNA vaccines eliciting crossreactive anti-idiotypic antibody responses against human B cell malignancies in mice

Figure 3

Antibody responses elicited by targeted Id-DNA vaccines recognize the patient’s CLL cells and cross-react to other patients’ CLL cells expressing highly similar monoclonal Ig. (A). Sera from mice that had been DNA vaccinated with the patient CLL106-specific VB targeted by LD78β, were tested in flow cytometry for binding to patient 106 CLL cells. Shaded histogram, serum from mock immunized mouse, black line serum from a representative immunized mouse (n = 5/group). (B) The same sera were tested for cross reactivity against a panel of CLL cells obtained from different patients (see Table 1). Data for a representative mouse serum are shown at 1:200 dilution. (C) &(D) Alignment of VL (C) and VH regions (D) from patients CLL106, CLL103 and CLL111. V regions amino acid sequences were aligned using GeneDoc. Amino acids are color coded according to charge (negative: D, E; positive: H, K, R), or the chemical properties of side chains (i.e. amide: N, Q; alcohol: S, T; aliphatic: L, I, V; aromatic: F, Y, W; small size: A, G; sulfur atom: M, C; or other: P, see key for color code).

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