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Figure 2

From: Targeted DNA vaccines eliciting crossreactive anti-idiotypic antibody responses against human B cell malignancies in mice

Figure 2

Levels of anti-Id antibodies elicited by DNA vaccination and electroporation depend upon ability of translated fusion proteins to target APC. (A) Mice received a single DNA immunization plus electroporation of the indicated plasmid DNA or NaCl control. Sera obtained at different time-points were tested in ELISAs for antibodies binding CLL106 monoclonal IgM/λ purified from heterohybridomas established from patient CLL106 CLL cells. Results at week 2, 4 and 9 after single immunization are shown. Mean ± SEM are plotted, n/group = 7. * p < 0.05 for (Fv IEdFv106)2 vs (Fv NIPFv106)2, (LD78β Fv106)2 vs (Fv NIPFv106)2 and (Fv NIPFv106)2 vs 0.9% NaCl (B) IgG1 and IgG2a components in week 9 sera of Figure 2A. * p < 0.05 for (LD78β Fv106)2 vs (Fv IEdFv106)2.

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