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Figure 3

From: In vitro blood cell responsiveness to IFN-α predicts clinical response independently of IL28B in hepatitis C virus genotype 1 infected patients

Figure 3

rs12979860 genotype is independent of ISG expression in PBMCs from HCV infected patients. PBMCs were isolated from HCV infected patients pre-treatment and stimulated with IFN-α. qRT-PCR was used to quantify endogenous and IFN-α induced expression of ISGs. ISG expression was stratified based on (A) rs12979860 genotype and (B) rs12979860 genotype and treatment response. Gene expression was normalised to expression of RPS15 and expressed on a log scale. Each dot represents one sample and median gene expression is shown. Data were analysed using Wilcoxon matched-pairs rank test and Mann–Whitney U-tests; N/D = not determined due to low n number.

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