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Figure 4

From: A vascular biology network model focused on inflammatory processes to investigate atherogenesis and plaque instability

Figure 4

Dataset coverage (sensitivity) and odds ratio (OR) for significant coverage and enrichment within V-IPN subnetworks. Subnetwork dataset coverage (sensitivity, see also Figure 2) depicted on the x-axis represents the fraction of possible HYPs in a subnetwork that are significant in a given dataset. Only HYPs meeting both richness and concordance cutoff p-values <0.05 were considered to be statistically significant. OR is an estimate of the probability of having significant dataset HYPs in a given subnetwork. An OR higher than one implies that the odds of having significant HYPs in a given subnetwork are higher than the odds of having not significant HYPs in that subnetwork. ORs were calculated for the overlap between each dataset and each subnetwork. The size of the squares is proportional to the OR. The larger the dataset OR, the better the network encompasses the biology embedded in the dataset. Hs_NHBE_CDKinh_rel_vs_blk_8h, Hs_MVEC-C_hpx_vs_ct_24h and Hs_MVEC-L_hpx_vs_ct_24h were used as negative control datasets. Mm_Ao_78w_ApoE_vs_wt is included as a building dataset reference. The significance of HYPs overlap calculated by a chi-square test is depicted by stars. Color intensity indicates significance levels.

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