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Figure 3

From: A vascular biology network model focused on inflammatory processes to investigate atherogenesis and plaque instability

Figure 3

Biological processes modelled by the V-IPN. The V-IPN is a modular network model of vascular biology and inflammation. Each subnetwork represents a fundamental set of biological functions, and cellular and molecular players. The modular structure facilitates simulation analysis and evaluation of large ‘omics’ datasets. Five of the six subnetworks describe processes related to the biology of atherogenesis and arterial inflammation; these include EC Activation, Platelet Activation, EC-Monocyte Interaction, Foam Cell Formation, and SMC Activation. The sixth subnetwork, Plaque Destabilization, primarily captures those mechanisms resulting in plaque instability in advanced atherosclerotic disease. The associated subnetwork metrics quantify aspects related to model architecture, such as number of nodes and edges comprising the subnetwork.

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