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Table 2 Number of patients alive after full follow up in high cut-off groups within tumour bud size categories

From: Quantification of tumour budding, lymphatic vessel density and invasion through image analysis in colorectal cancer

Patient cohort   Patients alive post follow up  
Tumour buds (1–5 nuc) Small Buds (1–2 nuc) Large buds (>5nuc) Total tumour budding
Dukes A-C cohort n = 1 (7%) n =1 (7%) n = 4 (23%) n =2 (14%)
Dukes B subpopulation n = 1 (10%) n = 1 (10%) n = 1 (10%) n = 1 (10%)
  1. The proportion of patients, after the study was complete, who were alive within the high-cut off groups of differing sizes of tumour bud categories. Total tumour budding indicates the sum total of the objects within the tumour buds and large buds categories.