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Figure 1

From: Clinically-relevant consecutive treatment with isoproterenol and adenosine protects the failing heart against ischaemia and reperfusion

Figure 1

Outline of the experimental protocols of series 1 and 2. Panel A – experimental protocol of the Series 1. Iso/Ade-0, Iso/Ade-5 and Iso/Ade-10 – consecutive perfusion with isoproterenol and adenosine with 0, 5, and 10 min washout period respectively; Iso/Ade Mix – perfusion with the mixture of isoproterenol and adenosine. Panel B – experimental protocol of the Series 2. Control; Iso/Ade – consecutive isoproterenol/adenosine treatment with no washout period (similar to that of Iso/Ade-0 in the Series 1); CsA – perfusion with cyclosporine A; and Iso/Ade + CsA – consecutive isoproterenol/adenosine treatment combined with perfusion with Cyclosporine A.

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