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Figure 1

From: Subsets of regulatory T cells and their roles in allergy

Figure 1

Cell signaling pathways of Tregs. TGF-β = transforming growth factor beta; TGF-βR = transforming growth factor beta receptor; RA = retinoic acid; RAR = retinoic acid receptor; TCR = T cell receptor; IL = interleukin; ILR = interleukin receptor; Smad = small body size and mothers against decapentaplegic; ERK = extracellular regulated protein kinase; Jnk = Jun N-terminal kinase; PLCγ = phospholipase C gamma; PKC = protein kinase C; TAK = TGF beta activated kinase; NFkB = nuclear factor kappa B; PI3K = phosphoinositide 3 kinase; AKT = protein kinase B; JAK = Janus-family tyrosine kinase; STAT = signal transducer and activator of transcription; T bet = T cell specific T-box transcription factor; Bcl-2 = B cell leukemia 2 protein; Foxp3 = forkhead box P3; CNS = non-coding sequence.

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