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Table 1 Immuno-competent syngeneic murine models of glioma

From: Immunocompetent murine models for the study of glioblastoma immunotherapy

Cell line Host Induction Histology Specific and potential applications in immunotherapy Refs
P560 VM/Dk Spontaneous Anaplastic Astrocytoma • Vaccine studies (e.g. DC) 13, 31-38
• Gene therapy studies (e.g. IL-2, CD70)
• Reversal of immunosuppression in glioma (e.g. TGF-β)
CT-2A C57BL/6 Chemical Anaplastic Astrocytoma • Tumor stem cells (BTSCs) 39-63
• Reversal of immunosuppression in glioma (e.g. TGF-β, PTEN)
GL261 C57BL/6 Chemical GBM/Ependymoblastoma • Tumor stem cells (BTSCs) 10, 35, 60, 64-99
• Vaccine studies (e.g. dendritic cells)
• Gene therapy studies (e.g. IL-2)
• Adoptive T cell, antibody, and Treg depletion studies
• Reversal of immunosuppression in glioma (e.g. TGF-β, PTEN)
GL26 C57BL/6 Chemical GBM/Ependymoblastoma • Vaccine studies (e.g. dendritic cells) 64, 66, 100-105
• Gene therapy studies (e.g. IL-12)
• Treg depletion studies
• Chemo-immunotherapy
4C8 B6D2F1 Transgenic Oligodendroglioma, Astrocytoma • Vaccine studies (e.g. HSV) 106-110
• Gene therapy studies (e.g. plasmids)
  1. Refs = References; DC = Dendritic Cells; IL-2 = Interleukin-2; IL-12 = Interleukin-12; CD70 = Cluster of Differentiation70; TGF-β = Transforming Growth Factor-β; BTSC = Brain Tumor Stem Cell; PTEN = Phosphatase and Tensin Homolog; GBM = Glioblastoma; Treg = Regulatory T Cell; HSV = Herpes Simplex Virus.