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Figure 3

From: XB130 promotes proliferation and invasion of gastric cancer cells

Figure 3

Silencing of XB130 inhibited migration and invasion of SGC7901 cells and MNK45 cells, and inhibited the phentotypic transition. (A) Cell migration was assessed by the wound healing assay. The residual wound was much wider in the sh-XB130 group than in the Scramble group at 24 hours. (B) In the Transwell migration assay, the number of cells migrating into the lower chamber was much smaller in the sh-XB130 group than in the Scramble group. (# p < 0.01 versus the Scramble group, n = 3). (C) Matrigel 3D culture was performed to assess cell morphology. Aggressive protrusions were seen in both the Control group and the Scramble group. In contrast, the invasiveness of sh-XB130 transfected cells was much lower and the cells were round spheroids with few or no protrusions. Scale bar = 100 μm. Similar results were obtained with both SGC7901 cells and MNK45 cells. (D) SGC7901 cells were immunostained with an XB130 antibody and F-actin filaments were counterstained using rhodamine phalloidin, while the nuclei were stained with 4′,6-diamidino-2-phenylindole. All experiments were repeated 3 times.

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