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Figure 1

From: XB130 promotes proliferation and invasion of gastric cancer cells

Figure 1

Silencing of XB130 inhibited proliferation of both SGC7901 and MNK45 gastric cancer cells. (A) In the plate colony forming assay, fewer colonies were formed by sh-XB130-transfected (sh-XB130) cells than by scramble shRNA-transfected (Scramble) cells. (B) In soft agar culture, the number of colonies was significantly smaller for sh-XB130 cells (# p < 0.01 versus Scramble cells, n = 3 plates per group). Magnification: ×200. (C) In the MTT assay, viability of sh-XB130 cells was markedly suppressed in a time-dependent manner. *p < 0.05 and # p < 0.01 versus the corresponding time for Scramble cells, n = 3 (6 holes for each time point in each group).

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