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Table 2 Profiles of the kidney transplantation recipients

From: Intra-osseous injection of donor mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) into the bone marrow in living donor kidney transplantation; a pilot study

MSC group (n = 7)
No Age/Sex Etiology Donor HLA mismatch Rejection within 12Mo Protocol Bx at 12 Mo
    Relation Age/Sex    
 1 34/M unknown Brother 32/M 3 - Borderline change
 2 48/F unknown Brother 40/M 2 AMR No AR
 3 40/M unknown Brother 48/M 0 - No AR
 4 32/F CGN Brother 29/M 2 - ACR
 5 36/M IgA nephropathy Sister 38/F 2 - No AR
 6 36/F unknown Brother 33/M 4 - Borderline change
 7 40/F IgA nephropathy Brother 38/M 4 ACR ACR
  1. CGN, chronic glomerulonephritis; AR, acute rejection; AMR, antibody-mediated rejection; ACR, acute cellular rejection; HTN, hypertension.