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Figure 4

From: Systemically administered liposome-encapsulated Ad-PEDF potentiates the anti-cancer effects in mouse lung metastasis melanoma

Figure 4

Detection of host response followed systemic administration of Ad-luc/Liposome. (a) The expression of luciferase of the control groups was high in liver and low in other tissues. However, the luciferase of Ad-luc/Liposome expressed much higher in lung, and significantly lower in liver (*P < 0.01). There was no notable difference in other tissues such as heart, kidney and spleen (P > 0.05). (b) Specific anti-Ad antibodies in sera. The level of specific anti-Ad immunoglobulins present in the serum of each group was evaluated by ELISA. The values showed that anti-Ad antibodies in Ad-Null/Liposome and Ad-PEDF/Liposome groups are significantly decreased than Ad-PEDF (*P < 0.01). Bars, SD; columns, mean (n = 5).

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