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Figure 3

From: Systemically administered liposome-encapsulated Ad-PEDF potentiates the anti-cancer effects in mouse lung metastasis melanoma

Figure 3

Apoptosis of B16-F10 cells induced by Ad-PEDF/Liposome in vitro. Apoptosis cells were determined by flow cytometry. The groups are as follow: (a) NS (normal saline), (b) Ad-Null/Liposome, (c) Ad-PEDF, (d) Ad-PEDF/Liposome. Data are expressed as percentages (e). The Ad-PEDF/Liposome group showed a significant increase in apoptosis compared with other groups (*Pā€‰<ā€‰0.01). Bars, SD; points, mean (nā€‰=ā€‰3).

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