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Figure 5

From: Chemokine CXCL14 is associated with prognosis in patients with colorectal carcinoma after curative resection

Figure 5

CXCL14 promoted migration and invasion of SW620 cells. A, the deeply invading carcinoma cells were more intensely stained with CXCL14 than those in mucosal region. ‘C muscle’ refers to circular muscle; ‘L muscle’ refers to longitudinal muscle. The cancer cells in the lymph node metastases were also CXCL14-immunopositive. B-D, a 2-chamber assay was used for evaluation of the migration/invasion ability of SW620 subclones. Over-expression of CXCL14 significantly increased the migration and invasion abilities. The number of migrated (C) and invaded (D) cells from five random fields were counted and presented with cell numbers. E-G, motility of HCT116 transfected with shCXCL14 or shNC were compared by transwell assay (F) and Matrigel assay (G), respectively. Column, mean; bars, SE (from triplicates). Student’s t test was used for the statistical analyses. *, P < 0.05; **, P < 0.01.

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