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Table 1 Differences between immunoscore and immunoprofiling

From: The additional facet of immunoscore: immunoprofiling as a possible predictive tool for cancer treatment

  Immunoscore Immunoprofiling
  Prognostic/Predictive(?) Prognostic/Predictive(?)
Number of immune markers 2-4 1 – Several
Immunoscore markers CD3/CD8  
Immunoscore-like markers CD3/CD8/CD20/FoxP3 Immune gene signatures
  CD3/CD8/CD45RO Multiplex assays
  CD4/CD8/CD68 CD137, Galectin1, LAG-3, OX40, PD-
  CD3/CD8/CD20, CD3/GZMB  
Possible application • Staging in colorectal cancer (already tested) • Prognostic assay
  • Staging in Melanoma, Breast cancer, Ovarian cancer, NSCLC, Prostate cancer, Pancreatic cancer, Head & Neck cancer (to be defined). • Predictive assay
   • Personalized immune-treatment