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Table 1 Differentiation of various groups of patients from each other, and from healthy controls with the identified miRNA pairs

From: Analysis of organ-enriched microRNAs in plasma as an approach to development of Universal Screening Test: feasibility study

Groups of subjects compared Biomarker miRNA pairs P-value
GI system diseases versus controls miR-215/miR-30e-3p 2.60E-09
  miR-215/miR-145 6.30E-10
  miR-203/miR-30e-3p 1.80E-09
  miR-203/miR-145 1.20E-10
Pulmonary system diseases versus controls miR-486-5p/miR-409-3p 4.10E-09
  miR-486-5p/miR-146-5p 1.70E-10
  miR-34b/miR-409-3p 2.20E-06
  miR-34b/miR-146-5p 7.40E-06
GI system diseases versus Pulmonary system diseases miR-145/miR-155 7.60E-11
  miR-486-5p/miR-155 7.90E-11
  miR-145/miR-30e-3p 7.80E-06
  miR-192/miR-31 9.80E-06
Cancers versus Inflammatory diseases miR-126/miR-30e-3p 9.90E-08
  miR-31/miR-155 8.30E-09
  miR-146b-5p/miR-30e-3p 1.77E-09
  miR-146b-5p/miR-155 5.86E-10
  1. All P-values given in the table are highly statistically significant. The threshold for statistical significance, as calculated with the Bonferroni correction, is 1.8E-03 for “GI system diseases versus controls” and for “Pulmonary system diseases versus controls”; and 3.0E-04 for “GI system diseases versus Pulmonary system diseases” and for “Cancers versus Inflammatory diseases” (see Methods).