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Figure 2

From: Analysis of organ-enriched microRNAs in plasma as an approach to development of Universal Screening Test: feasibility study

Figure 2

Differentiation of Pulmonary system (PS) pathologies from controls by miRNA biomarker pairs. The concentrations of miRNAs in plasma samples from patients with three PS pathologies, and from healthy donors were measured by RT-qPCR and the ratios of various miRNAs were calculated as 2-ΔCq x 100. A-E – box-plots; A-D – individual pathologies (10 patients in each group) against controls (20 subjects); E – combined PS pathologies (30 patients total) against controls (20 subjects). F –ROC curves of differentiation between patients with three pathologies and controls obtained with different biomarker pairs. The statistical analysis is performed as in Figure 1.

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