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Table 2 Numbers of spectral components associated with efficacy of the treatment

From: Radiotherapy-related changes in serum proteome patterns of head and neck cancer patients; the effect of low and medium doses of radiation delivered to large volumes of normal tissue

Change Number of components Examples of components (m/z and hypothetical annotation)
AΔB 4 -
BΔC 10 5737, 5755 [SAA1], 5765
AΔC 5 -
CΔD 38 1953, 2192 [HEPC], 2354, 2647, 3579
AΔD 4 -
  1. Numbers of components, for which changes in abundances were different between subgroups of patients with successful treatment or treatment failure; p = 0.05 was selected as a significance threshold level. Presented are the examples of components, for which significance of differences between sub-groups was p < 0.005.