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Figure 2

From: Leukemia cells induce changes in human bone marrow stromal cells

Figure 2

The expression of IL-17 signaling-related genes increase in BMSCs co-cultured with leukemia cells. Quantitative RT-PCR was performed to quantify the expression levels of CCL2, ICAM1, IL8 and IL1B in BMSCs (black column), CD34+ cells (grey bars) and TF-1 (1), TF-1a(2) and K562(3) leukemia cell (LC) (white bars) mono-cultures, BMSCs co-cultured in transwells with leukemia cell lines (black and white stripped column) and BMSCs co-cultured in transwells with CD34+ cells (grey and black stripped column). The RNA levels were shown as 2-ΔΔCt method. Sample key legend is at the top right. * p-value < 0.05

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