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Figure 4

From: Phase I/II clinical trial using HLA-A24-restricted peptide vaccine derived from KIF20A for patients with advanced pancreatic cancer

Figure 4

Overall survival and progression free survival in phase I/II trial. Overall survival of the patients was shown in Kaplan-Meier plots (n = 31) (a). MST of the patients with peptide vaccine was 142 days. PFS of the patients with peptide vaccine was 56 days (b). In comparison with the control patients who were treated with best supportive care in Chiba Tokushukai Hospital (n = 9), overall survival of the patients with the KIF20A-peptide vaccination was fairly improved (p = 0.0468, MST: 142 vs. 83 days). In comparison with the BSC patients (n = 81), overall survival of the vaccinated patients in Chiba Tokushukai Hospital was significantly improved (p = 0.0020, MST: 142 vs. 63 days) (c).

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