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Table 1 Data and immunophenotype of AML FAB-M1 patient BMMCs

From: NK cells from an AML patient have recovered in remission and reached comparable cytolytic activity to that of a healthy monozygotic twin mediated by the single-chain triplebody SPM-2

Gender Female
Age: 21 years old
Diagnosed with: AML FAB-M1; AML without maturation according to WHO classification [42]
Blast titer: 89.7% blast in the marrow at diagnosis
Case history   One course of induction chemotherapy following HAM protocol high dose cytarabine with mitoxantrone [49]
Current status: Complete remission acheived by induction chemotherapy (HAM)
Myeloid cells % (in blast gate) Co-expression (cross-lineage) % (in blast gate)
CD 34 89.6% CD34/CD56 47.9%
CD 33 <19% CD34/CD7 12.3%
CD 123 n.d. at diagnosis CD34/HLA-DR 90.5%
CD 117 < 1% CD34/CD7 12.3%
CD 38 89.9%   
cy MPO 41.7   
  1. n.d. not determined.
  2. Cy MPO cytoplasmic myeloperoxidase; flourescent marker enzyme for the myeloid lineage.