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Table 1 pH i and pH e in normal and cancer cells: apoptosis and antiapoptosis

From: Cariporide and other new and powerful NHE1 inhibitors as potentially selective anticancer drugs – an integral molecular/biochemical/metabolic/clinical approach after one hundred years of cancer research

  Normal cells Cancer cells
  ( pH i < pH e ) ( pH i > pH e )
   (“proton gradient reversal”)
Intracellular pH (pH i ) 6.99-7.05 7.12-7.7
   (Pathological antiapoptosis)
interstitial pH (pH e ) 7.35-7.45 6.2-6.9
pH i <6-6.5   (Therapeutic apoptosis)
  1. For further details, see text and refs. [4, 40].