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Figure 5

From: Mesenchymal stem cells enhance ovarian cancer cell infiltration through IL6 secretion in an amniochorionic membrane based 3D model

Figure 5

IL6 receptor (IL6R) inhibition decreased adhesion and infiltration of OCC on AMS. A and C. Confocal tile scan showing distribution of OCC, i.e. Ovcar3_eGFP (green), within AMS in regions rich in MSC stained with CD90 (red) and CD73 (yellow) (A) and without MSC (C). B and D. Confocal tile scan showing, after IL6R inhibition, distribution of OCC within AMS in regions rich in MSC (B) and without MSC (D). E. OCC infiltration was significantly decreased in regions rich in MSC (p<0.001 ***) and in regions without MSC (p<0.05 *).

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