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Figure 4

From: Mesenchymal stem cells enhance ovarian cancer cell infiltration through IL6 secretion in an amniochorionic membrane based 3D model

Figure 4

Wound healing assay and Transwell with Ovcar3 stimulated by IL6, IL8, TNFa and Rantes: A. Wound healing assay: Pictures of the different conditions at 3, 6 24 and 48 hours. B. Wound healing assay: Representation of the rate of closure for each condition. TNFa, IL6 and IL8 significantly increased the migration of Ovcar3 compared with Rantes and serum free medium. The positive control used was complete medium with serum and negative control was serum free medium. C. Transwell: Increased migration was observed with TNFa, IL6 and Rantes (p<0.001 ***). No migration was observed in the three conditions FBS-, IL8 and TNFa. D. Transwell coated with basement membrane: Increased invasion was observed with IL6 (p<0.001 ***). No invasion was observed in the four conditions FBS-, IL8, TNFa and Rantes.

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