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Figure 4

From: Melanoma risk loci as determinants of melanoma recurrence and survival

Figure 4

eQTL and meQTL associations of rs7538876 with RCC2 . Association results for the eQTL analysis (A and C) and meQTL analysis (B and D) from 856 adipose tissue samples tested as part of the MuTHER project were generated by Illumina HT-12v3 Expression BeadChip, Illumina HumanMethylation 27 k array, and Illumina 610 k or 1 M chip. The expression and methylation levels of Illumina probes (A and B) associated with rs7538876 are plotted by –log10(p) (y-axis) vs. position on chromosome 1 (x-axis). The eQTL with the strongest association for rs7538876 (beta = 0.031, p = 0.009) was found for the probe ILMN_1720124 (circled) in RCC2 (A). C shows the distribution of eQTL with SNPs across the RCC2 region determined by the probe ILMN_1720124; circled is rs7538876. The strongest meQTL association for rs7538876 (beta = -0.042, p = 10-60) was found for cg07965774 (circled) in RCC2 (B). The distribution of meQTL associations across the RCC2 region determined by the cg07965774 probe indicates the presence of comparably associated meQTLs in highly correlated SNPs with rs7538876 (circled) (D).

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