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Figure 7

From: MicroRNA-124-3p inhibits cell migration and invasion in bladder cancer cells by targeting ROCK1

Figure 7

Forced expression of ROCK1 rescues miR-124-3p-associated decrease in cell migration and invasion. miR-124-3p inhibits T24 EMT. (A) T24 cells were transfected as in (B) and then used in a transwell migration assay (top) or an invasion assay (bottom). Scale bars = 100 μm (B) Either miR-124-3p mimics or NC oligos were co-transfected with the pT-ROCK1 or the empty pTarget vector, pT-NULL, into T24 cells. Western blot was then performed to detect the expression of ROCK1. GAPDH was used as control. (C) Expression of epithelial markers and mesenchymal markers were compared by western blot between NC and miR-124-3p or siROCK1 groups. GAPDH was used as a loading control. (D) Expression of p-p38MAPK and p38MAPK were determined by Western blot analysis.

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