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Figure 4

From: Polydatin, a natural precursor of resveratrol, induces cell cycle arrest and differentiation of human colorectal Caco-2 cell

Figure 4

Effect of ISBn alone or in combination on mithocondrial superoxide anions, nitric oxide, and enzyme scavengers activity in Caco-2 cells. (A) After 24 h Caco-2 treatment with polydatin and resveratrol alone or in combination (240 and 100 μM) at 37°C, the mitochondrial superoxide anion production was analysed by HE (20 ng · mL-1) staining. Dye accumulation was analysed by FACScan flow cytometer (FACScan, Becton Dickinson) by the CellQuest software, and the intensities of the bands were expressed as percent control. For each sample, 2 × 104 events were acquired. (B) Nitric oxide was measured in medium. Whole cell homogenates were used for evaluated the Catalase (C) and Mn-SOD activity (D). The bars represent means ± SEM of three independent experiments. Asterisks indicate significant difference between the Caco-2-treated samples compared with control value **P < 0.003; *P < 0.05.

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