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Figure 4

From: Roles of histone hypoacetylation in LAT expression on T cells and Th2 polarization in allergic asthma

Figure 4

TSA promotes LAT transcription and expression in lung T cells in OVA-immunized rats. Lung T cells isolated from OVA-immunized rats were treated with or without TSA (2.5 ng/ml) for 24 h. A) The LAT mRNA level was determined by real-time PCR and normalized to β-actin. B)and C) LAT protein was determined by Western Blot and normalized to the housekeeping gene GAPDH. D) and E) ChIP assays of histone acetylation and methylation status on LAT promoter in lung T cells with or without TSA. The data represents agarose gel electrophoretic separation of amplicons obtained after PCR (a representative experiment from a series of three is shown). Input DNA served as positive internal control for sample integrity. Data is shown as mean ± SD, n = 10 (** p < 0.01).

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