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Table 1 The sequence of primers used in this study

From: Antitumor efficacy of a recombinant adenovirus encoding endostatin combined with an E1B55KD-deficient adenovirus in gastric cancer cells

Targets Directions Sequences Notes
Real-time PCR Primers:
Ad-Endo (290 bp) Forward 5′-TGACTGCCTCCAAGTAGGCTAGA-3′ Within the Endostatin fragment
Reverse 5′-CCCAGATCCGCGTTAAGA-3′ At the junction of the poly_A signal and the Ad backbone
dl 1520 (264 bp) Forward 5′-TGTTTCCAGAACTGAGACGCAT-3′ E1B region (Ad2/2261-2281 nt)
Reverse 5′ –TCTCATCGTACCTCAGCACCTT-3′ E1B region (Ad2 3330–3351 nt)
Total Ad (237 bp) Forward 5′-TCGAAGCCGTTGATGTTGTG-3′ E2B (Ad2/7519-7538 nt or Ad5/7529-7548 nt)
Reverse 5′- GGCCATAGGTCGCCAGTTTA-3′ E2B (Ad2/7519-7538 nt or Ad5/7529-7548 nt)
β-Actin (266 bp) Forward 5′-CCTTTCCTTCCCAGGGCGTGAT-3′ At the intron 2-exon 3 junction
Reverse 5′-CGGGCCACTCACCTGGGTCAT-3′ Within the exon 3
p53 (298 bp) Forward 5′-GTGGTGGTGCCCTATGAG-3′  
p14ARF (282 bp) Forward 5′-CGCGAGTGAGGGTTTTCGT-3′  
GAPDH (258 bp) Forward 5′-AGAAGGCTGGGGCTCATTTG -3′  
Cloning primers (for cloning into HindIII/EcoRI site of pcDNA3.1(+)):
Ad E1A Forward 5′-cccaagctt CGGGACTGAAAATGAGAC-3′ E1A gene (Ad2 548 nt – 1554 nt) (942 bp)
Reverse 5′- ccggaattc CAGGTTTACACCTTATGGC-3′
Ad E1B19k Forward 5′-cccaagctt ATCTTGGTTACATCTGACCTC-3′ E1B19 kDa (Ad2 1690 nt – 2255 nt) (566 bp)
Reverse 5′-ccggaattc AGCCACCTGTACAACATTC-3′
Ad E1A + E1B19k Forward 5′-cccaagctt CGGGACTGAAAATGAGAC-3′ E1A+E1B19 kDa (Ad2 548 nt – 2255 nt) (1708 bp)
Reverse 5′-ccggaattc AGCCACCTGTACAACATTC-3′