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Figure 5

From: Caveolin-1 in renal cell carcinoma promotes tumour cell invasion, and in co-operation with pERK predicts metastases in patients with clinically confined disease

Figure 5

Pharmacological knockdown of signalling molecules and effect upon Cav-1 in RCC cell lines. (5A and 5B) - Effects of inhibiting ERK upon Cav-1 and cell growth; (5C and 5D) - Effects of inhibiting TORC1 upon Cav-1 and cell growth; (5E and 5F) - Effects of inhibiting PI3-AKT upon Cav-1 and cell growth. (5G) - Effect of RANKL on the stimulation of ERK and NF-kappaB pathways and Cav-1 expression. All above data represent mean ± SD (n = 6) and are representative of 3 independent studies.

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