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Figure 3

From: Caveolin-1 in renal cell carcinoma promotes tumour cell invasion, and in co-operation with pERK predicts metastases in patients with clinically confined disease

Figure 3

In-vitro Growth and invasion of RCC cell lines. (3A) - Cav-1 is expressed in both VHL negative and VHL positive RCC cell lines under normoxic conditions Western blot showing comparative levels of Cav-1 protein (20 μg) expression in a panel of RCC cell lines. Blot is representative of at least 3 independent experiments; (3B and 3C) - Typical fields of view, respectively, for control siRNA or anti-Cav-1 siRNA treated caki-1 cells invading Matrigel coated membranes for 24 hrs and counterstained with Hoeschst 33258. Coated membranes were set up in duplicate with the data represents the SEM of 3 different experiments; (3D, 3F, 3H) - Effect of Cav-1 silencing on RCC cell growth (mean ± SD, n = 6) and (3E, 3G, 3I) - Effect of Cav-1 silencing on RCC cell invasion through Matrigel.

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