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Figure 1

From: Caveolin-1 in renal cell carcinoma promotes tumour cell invasion, and in co-operation with pERK predicts metastases in patients with clinically confined disease

Figure 1

Correlation of Cav-1 and pERK-1/2 expression in clinically confined RCC. Representative microarray cores of Cav-1 (1A to 1D) and pERK-1/2 (1E to 1H) demonstrating positive and negative immunohistochemical staining in RCC. Typical cores are shown in low (1A,1C,1E,1G) and high power (1B,1D,1F,1H). Kaplan-Meier metastasis-free survival of RCC patients (%) presenting with clinically confined disease whose primary tumours were stratified by positive (+) or negative (-) expression of: Cav-1 (1I), pERK-1/2 (1J), co-expression of pERK-1/2 and Cav-1 [C+/E+] (1K), and sub-analysis (1L) of patients who were: negative for both Cav-1 and pERK-1/2 [C-/E-]; positive for pERK-1/2 alone [C-/E+]; positive for Cav-1 alone [C+/E-]; positive for both biomarkers [C+/E+]. Patients whose tumours expressed both pERK-1/2 and Cav-1.showed a significantly worse prognosis. Note: Figures 1I and 1J relate to the univariate data for Cav-1 and p-ERK separately while Figures 1K and 1L relate to the co-variate data for Cav-1 and p-ERK combined (Table 2).

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