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Figure 6

From: Spatial organization of dendritic cells within tumor draining lymph nodes impacts clinical outcome in breast cancer patients

Figure 6

DC clustering and maturation in NSLN+ nodes correlate with duration of disease-free survival. Using the median value of (A) percentage mature DCs or (B) percentage clustered DCs per node as cutoff, patients having NSLN+ nodes (n=19) were divided into two groups (using exclusion criteria mentioned in the Methods section) with those above the median defined by the solid line and those below the median by the dotted line. Kaplan-Meier curves were plotted showing the difference in duration of disease free survival between the two groups. (C) (i) Linear regression analysis between %clustered DCs and %mature DCs in NSLN+ nodes (n=19) (ii) Percentage mature DCs were calculated among clustered as well as unclustered DCs in NSLN+ nodes (n=19) ns denotes p>0.05.

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