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Figure 5

From: Spatial organization of dendritic cells within tumor draining lymph nodes impacts clinical outcome in breast cancer patients

Figure 5

T cells surrounding a clustered DC is reduced in NSLN+ compared to HLNs. (A) Average number of T cells surrounding clustered DCs (c) versus unclustered DCs (un) (calculated using an algorithm mentioned in the Methods section) (B) (i) Average number of T cells surrounding a clustered DCs and (ii) Percentage T cells out of all T cells, DCs, and other hematoxylin-stained cells identified in a node (%T cells) were calculated in sections of HLN (n=6), NSLN- (n=33) and (n=14). ns denotes p>0.05, * denotes p<0.05 and *** denotes p<0.001.

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