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Figure 2 | Journal of Translational Medicine

Figure 2

From: Spatial organization of dendritic cells within tumor draining lymph nodes impacts clinical outcome in breast cancer patients

Figure 2

High-resolution IHC Images of DC Clusters in two staining panels. Immunohistochemistry stained images of DC clusters from healthy, NSLN- and NSLN+ patient samples, serially stained in both a DC maturity assessment panel and a T cell colocalization panel. Stains for the maturity panel include: Red (CD1a, Immature DCs), Brown (CD83, Mature DCs), Blue (Hematoxylin, Non-DC cells). Stains for the T cell colocalization panel include: Magenta (CD1a, Immature DCs), Dark Blue (CD3, T cells), Brown (CD20, B cells), Light Blue (Hematoxylin, other cells). The dark purple cells in both panels are pan-cytokeratin-stained tumor cells. All images were taken at 400Ă— resolution.

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