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Table 1 AZD5363 inhibits proliferation of a subset of GC cell lines in vitro

From: The AKT inhibitor AZD5363 is selectively active in PI3KCA mutant gastric cancer, and sensitizes a patient-derived gastric cancer xenograft model with PTEN loss to Taxotere

Cell line Genetic background   GI50 (μmol/L)
HGC27 E542K LOSS 0.445
IM95m E452K WT 0.510
AGS E453K WT 0.552
NCI-N87 WT WT 1.037
23132/87 WT WT 1.671
MKN1 E545K WT 2.421
SNU-620 WT WT 3.384
SNU-638 WT WT 4.523
SNU-1 WT WT 5.258
SNU-601 WT WT 5.938
SNU-668 WT WT 6.003
HS746T WT WT 6.084
SNU-484 WT WT 7.392
SNU-16 WT WT 11.097
OCUM-1 WT WT 14.515
NUGC-3 WT WT 21.873
AZ521 WT WT 25.448
SNU-216 WT WT 30.000
NUGC-4 WT WT 30.000
SNU-5 WT WT 30.000
GTL-16 WT WT 30.000
MKN74 WT WT 30.000
PAMC82 WT WT 30.000
  1. A panel of GC cell lines with differing genetic backgrounds were screened in a standard MTS cell proliferation assay. The PI3KCA mutation and PTEN expression status were determined by ASPCR and IHC respectively.