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Figure 2

From: Cardiac protective effects of irbesartan via the PPAR-gamma signaling pathway in angiotensin-converting enzyme 2-deficient mice

Figure 2

Effects of irbesartan on myocardial ultrastructure injury in ACE2KO mice. The myocardial ultrastructural changes were observed in Ace2+/y control (A,D), Ace2-/y control (B,E) and irbesartan (Irb)-treated Ace2-/y mice (C,F) by transmission electron microscope analysis (×7400 and × 17500 magnification). Compared with Ace2+/y mice, severe myocardial ultrastructure injury was observed in Ace2-/y mice, characterized with disruption or dissolution of myocardial myofilaments, myofilaments arranged irregularly and loosely (red arrow), and vacuolar degenerational and swollen mitochondria (green star).

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