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Table 2 Characteristics of the studied SNPs at TLR2, TLR4, TLR6 and TLR9 genes

From: Variants in toll-like receptor 9 gene influence susceptibility to tuberculosis in a Mexican population

Gene Chr SNP ID Location Genotype (Phenotype)
TLR2 4 rs3804099 Exon (synonymous) C> T (Asn199Asn)
rs7656411 3′ near gene G> T
rs121917864 Exon (non-synonymous) C> T (Arg677Trp)
rs5743708 Exon (non-synonymous) A> G (Arg753Gln)
TLR4 9 rs5030710 Exon (synonymous) C> T (Ser105Ser)
rs5030725 Intron G> T
rs12344353 Intron C>T
rs4986790 Exon (non-synonymous) A/G (Asp299Gly)
TLR6 4 rs6815827 3′ near gene C> T
TLR9 3 rs352139 Intron A> G
rs5743842 Exon C> T (Arg5Cys)
rs5743836 5′ near gene C> T