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Table 1 Genes of interest and reference gene for qPCR

From: Identical effects of VEGF and serum-deprivation on phenotype and function of adipose-derived stromal cells from healthy donors and patients with ischemic heart disease

Gene Full name GenBank accession number Forward (F) and Reverse (R) sequence Cellular function
CD105 Cluster of differentiation 105/ NM_000118.2 F = 5′-AACACCATCGAGCCGGG-3′ TGF-β signalling, cytoskeletal organization
VEGFR1 (FLT1) Vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 1 (FMS-like tyrosine kinase) NM_002019.4 F = 5′-ATGCTGGATTGCTGGCACA-3′ Cell proliferation and differentiation
vWF von Willebrand Factor NM_000552.3 F = 5′-CGGCTTGCACCATTCAGC-3′ Hemostasis, platelet adhesion
FOXF1 Forkhead box protein F1 NM_001451.2 F = 5′-CACTCCCTGGAGCAGCCGTATG-3′ Embryonic development, control of cell cycle
CD31 (PECAM-1) Cluster of differentiation 31 NM_000442.4 F = 5′-ACAGCCTTCAACAGAGCCAAC-3′ Leukocyte migration, angiogenesis
Platelet cell adhesion molecule 1 R = 5′-GAAAGAATGACTCTGACTGTCAGTATT-3′
PPIA Peptidyl prolyl isomerase A NM_021130.3 F = 5′-TCCTGGCATCTTGTCCATG-3′ Protein folding
  1. Information for panel of chosen genes of interest and selected reference gene with full name, ncbi reference sequence, forward and reverse primer sequences, and short description of cellular function.