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Figure 8

From: Over-expression of the special AT rich sequence binding protein 1 (SATB1) promotes the progression of nasopharyngeal carcinoma: association with EBV LMP-1 expression

Figure 8

LMP-1 induces SATB1 expression and nuclear location in NPC cells. CNE1 (LMP1-) and CNE1-GL (LMP1+, ectopic expression of EBV LMP1 in CNE1 cells) cells were harvested and then (A) western blotting and (B) Immunofluorescence staining were used to detect LMP1 expression. (C) Immunofluorescence staining was used to detect SATB1 and PCNA proteins expression and its sub-cellular location. Antigens were localized by FITC- or TRITC-conjugated IgGs. Scale bars = 100 μM.

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