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Figure 5 | Journal of Translational Medicine

Figure 5

From: Are morphological criteria sufficient for the identification of circulating tumor cells in renal cancer?

Figure 5

Percentage of patient samples positive for CNHC-MF, -UMF and BF at different time points of sampling. Percentage of blood samples positive for CNHC-MF (circle), CNHC-UMF (rectangle), and CNHC-BF (triangle) one day before surgery (time point A), during surgery, after the removal of the tumor (time point B), one day after surgery (time point C), and 8 days after surgery (time point D). There was no significant change in the percentage of blood samples positive for CNHC of any type after surgery (time points C and D, respectively) as compared to before surgery (time point A). However, a significant increase of samples positive for CNHCs of every type was found at time point C as compared to time point B (p < 0.05, each). Blood samples positive for CNHC-UMF and CNHC-BF but not CNHC-MF, were also more frequently detected at time point D as compared to time point B.

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