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Table 1 Top 3 drugs indicated by personalized medicine analysis for MPNST and neurofibroma samples

From: Molecular-guided therapy predictions reveal drug resistance phenotypes and treatment alternatives in malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors

Sample Drug 1 Related transcripts Drug 2 Related transcripts Drug 3 Related transcripts
MPNST-derived cell lines
NF02.2 vorinostat HDAC1-4, 6 teniposide TOP2A sirolimus MTOR, FKBP1A
NF94.3 pravastatin MMP2, MMP14, TIMP2 flavoxate CHRM2 sildenafil PDE5A
NF96.2 vorinostat HDAC1,2, 6 chlorpromazine HTR7, DRD2, dasatinib ABL1, FYN, KIT
MPNST samples
AS10 pazopanib KDR, FLT1, PDGFRB sorafenib KDR, FLT1, PDGFRB sunitinib KDR, FLT1, PDGFRB
AS13 teniposide TOP2A etoposide TOP2A doxorubicin TOP2A
AS15 teniposide TOP2A vorinostat HDAC2 sunitinib KDR, CSF1R
AS37 doxycycline MMP9, MMP13 pravastatin MMP9, MMP13 vorinostat HDAC2,3,4
AS42 octreotide SSTR2 doxycycline MMP9, MMP13 pravastatin MMP9, MMP14
AS45 teniposide TOP2A octreotide SSTR2 vorinostat HDAC2,3
Benign neurofibroma samples
MS37T dasatinib EPHA2,KIT nilotinib KIT pazopanib KIT,KDR
MS90T biperiden CHRM1 carbinoxamine CHRM1 clozapine CHRM1
MS135T dasatinib EPHA2 sorafenib KIT pazopanib KIT,KDR
MS142T fluticasone PGR medroxyprogesterone PGR sorafenib FLT3
MS153T dasatinib EPHA2,KIT,LCK,SRC imatinib KIT nilotinib KIT
MS156T sorafenib KIT sunitinib FLT3 clofarabine POLA1