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Figure 4

From: Optimizing patient derived mesenchymal stem cells as virus carriers for a Phase I clinical trial in ovarian cancer

Figure 4

Multimodality imaging showing co-localization of MV infected MSC with peritoneal human ovarian xenografts post intraperitoneal administration. (A) SKOV3ip.1 tumors were stably expressing cyan fluorescent protein (CFP), MSC were labeled with DiR, and infected with measles virus expressing red fluorescent protein (MV-RFP). Representative images from mice that received MSC from healthy donor (hMSC 493B) or ovarian cancer patient (FB8) showed good co-localization of MV infected MSC with the tumors. (B) Tumors from mice were harvested at day 10 and examined for RFP expression. MV-RFP infected MSC were found on the tumors. Images of tumor nodules were taken at 40X magnification under a fluorescence microscope with a green filter or under bright-field. (C) Quantitative measurement of the amount of CFP (tumors), DiR (MSC) or RFP (MV infection) fluorescence in mice given MV infected hMSC or ovMSC.

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