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Figure 7

From: Patient-derived tissue slice grafts accurately depict response of high-risk primary prostate cancer to androgen deprivation therapy

Figure 7

ADT induced mislocalization of E-cadherin in TSGs derived from HRPCa-2. E-cadherin, a well known epithelial marker, was primarily localized on cell membranes in cancer cells of human hormone-naive PCa (A) and control TSGs derived from HRPCa-2 (C), while in human PCa treated with ADT (B) and castrated TSGs (D), it was mislocalized away from the cell membrane ( arrow in C) into the nucleus ( arrow in D). The inserts are enlarged images of the boxed area in each image. Magnification for (A) and (B) is 40X, and for (C) and (D), 20X.

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