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Figure 3

From: Utilization of TREC and KREC quantification for the monitoring of early T- and B-cell neogenesis in adult patients after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

Figure 3

Correlation analysis of KREC quantification with B-cell subset recovery after alloHSCT. (A,C,E) Absolute CD19+ B-cell subset counts of IgD+CD27-CD38hi transitional B, IgD+CD27-CD38int naïve B and CD27+ memory B cells and KREC copy number were determined before and after transplantation (preTx: n=7, D15 n=11, D30 n=13, D60 n=8, D90 n=12, D180 n =9). KREC copy number per ml blood (grey line, A,C,E) and absolute number of transitional (A), naïve (C) and memory B cells (E) per ml blood (black line) are shown as mean values ± SEM. (B,D,F) Absolute KREC copy number and B-cell subset count are depicted as scatterplots with linear regression line for transitional (B), naïve (D) and memory B cells (F). The regression coefficients beta (β*) and p-values are displayed for each subpopulation.

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