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Table 2 Gains and losses detected by array-CGH (ordered by the CNVs) in each case

From: Identification of prefoldin amplification (1q23.3-q24.1) in bladder cancer using comparative genomic hybridization (CGH) arrays of urinary DNA

1st Probe Name Chromosome band (Ensembl) Start position CNV Cases Stage Grade Number of probes
A_14_P115961 19q13.12-q13.2 Chr19:041377289 0.41069 123HG pT1 G2 152
A_14_P108613 20q13.13-20q13.2 Chr20:048671089 0.3998 123HG pT1 G2 52
A_14_P123794 2p23.3 Chr2:027502237 0.31715 139HG pT2 G3 5
A_14_P201430 20q12-q13.12 Chr20:039082984 0.30745 123HG pT1 G2 101
A_14_P130062 19q12 Chr19:034522544 0.28517 123HG pT1 G2 18
A_14_P118037 15q25.1 Chr15:077932195 0.27764 139HG pT2 G3 8
A_14_P110668 8p12-p11.21 Chr8:036027406 0.26755 123HG pT1 G2 120
A_14_P200557 19q13.42 Chr19:060805118 0.21635 139HG pT2 G3 5
A_14_P128880 19p13.11 Chr19:017431158 0.20428 123HG pT1 G2 68
A_14_P107769 15q21.2 Chr15:048417834 0.19587 123HG pT1 G2 13
A_14_P119367 17q12 Chr17:034473380 0.17478 123HG pT1 G2 32
A_14_P114294 11q12.3 Chr11:061766567 0.16714 123HG pT1 G2 44
A_14_P108406 10p15.3-p12.31 Chr10:001070037 0.16666 123HG pT1 G2 217
A_14_P103528 1q21.2-q21.3 Chr1: 146938814 0.16485 123HG pT1 G2 141
131HG pT1 G2
A_14_P126330 1q24.2-q24.3 Chr1:163305648 0.13374 123HG pT1 G2 122
131HG pT1 G2
A_14_P126727 1q23.3-q24.1 Chr1:157564589 0.12808 75HS pT1 G2 116
123HG pT1 G2
131HG pT1 G2
A_14_P102488 6p21.1 Chr6:041358388 0.12681 123HG pT1 G2 83
A_14_P135779 18p11.32-p11.21 Chr18:000170229 0.12203 123HG pT1 G2 176
A_14_P105338 3p26.1-p21.33 Chr3:006615679 0.12067 123HG pT1 G2 529
A_14_P101810 5p13.33-p12 Chr5:000148243 0.11948 123HG pT1 G2 440
132HG pT2 G3
A_14_P200670 16q11.2-q12.1 Chr16:045172598 0.11639 123HG pT1 G2 49
A_14_P105981 22q12.2-q13.1 Chr22:030417113 0.10517 123HG pT1 G2 162
A_14_P126618 7q21.2-q33 Chr7:091892016 0.10403 123HG pT1 G2 631
1st Probe Name Chromosome band (Ensembl) Start position CNV Cases Stage Grade Number of probes
A_14_ P135773 13q14.2-q14.3 Chr13:047555252 −0.26486 132HG pT2 G3 66
A_14_ P139280 11p15.5 Chr11:000283643 −0.18187 130HG pTA G1 6
75HS pT1 G2
A_14_ P134493 10p15.3 Chr10:000138206 −0.16050 136HG pTA G1 9
138HG pTA G3
A_14_ P110624 9p24.3-p21.2 Chr9:000204367 −0.15219 123HG pT1 G2 324
A_14_ P128129 10q11.22-q21.1 Chr10:047954413 −0.12787 123HG pT1 G2 65
A_14_ P110069 2q37.1-q37.3 Chr2:233099731 −0.12386 131HG pT1 G2 167
A_14_ P119514 8p23.3-p21.2 Chr8:000181530 −0.12229 123HG pT1 G2 309
A_14_ P109355 16p11.2-p11.1 Chr16:031804884 −0.11781 123HG pT1 G2 11
A_14_ P112424 7q22.1 Chr7::099453161 −0.11741 130HG pTA G1 75
A_14_ P103261 5q33.3-q35.1 Chr5:159767536 −0.11684 123HG pT1 G2 95
  1. The minimal recurrent regions of gains and losses are highlighted in bold.